W.D. Packard Music Hall

The Packard Music Hall hosts a wide variety of events each year including Broadway touring productions, concerts, ballets, children’s programs, theatre, corporate meetings, high school graduations, dance recitals, pro-wrestling events, gala balls and many other programs. The Packard Musical Hall also hosts free monthly Packard Band Concerts. Packard Music Hall has a seating capacity of nearly 2,500 and averages over 100,000 guests each year.

Packard Music Hall was envisioned by William Doud Packard, a prominent industrialist, found a way to mesh pride in his hometown and a love of military marches into a lasting contribution for future generations. W.D. Packard penned provisions in his 1920 will to ensure music would continue to command attention in Warren, Ohio. Concurrent with the opening of the music hall in 1955, Packard’s dream of a concert band was being realized with the organization and premier concerts of the W. D. Concert Band

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1703 Mahoning Ave NW
Warren, OH 44483